The People

... who make the research possible


JoshUA Buckholtz, PhD. Lab Director

Joshua Buckholtz is an experimental psychologist and neuroscientist who uses behavioral, genetic, brain imaging, and brain stimulation methods to understand why humans vary so dramatically in their capacity for self-control. His work is focused on characterizing the cognitive architecture of self-control, identifying distinct brain circuits supporting different kinds of self-control, and understanding how dysfunction in these circuits leads to impulsive decision-making in drug addiction, aggression, psychopathy, and personality disorders. Dr. Buckholtz is a Network Scholar for the MacArthur Foundation’s Research Network on Law and Neuroscience and serves on the faculty of the Center for Law, Brain and Behavior at Massachusetts General Hospital. His is grateful for research support from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, and the MGH-CLBB.


Lynde Folsom, Lab Manager

BA Syracuse University in Philosophy and Neuroscience
3 years at Mass General Hospital in the Neurology department working with Drs Sydney Cash, MD,PhD and Eyal Kimchi MD, PhD developing novel intracranial neural devices. When not in lab, she's hiking the White Mountains. CV


Franchesca Ramirez, Graduate Student

Franchesca is co-mentored by Drs. Joshua Buckholtz and Matthew Nock. She studies maladaptive human responses to trauma with a focus on aggression and self-harm. Franckie integrates measures of affective and cognitive control to gain insight into how an individual’s emotion profile and decision-making process may relate behavioral outcomes to traumatic experiences.


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