Selected Publications

Below are significant papers for tenure promotion review.

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Buckholtz JW. Handmaiden or Bedfellow? Policy Models for Law and the Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Policy Insights from The Brain and Behavioral Sciences. (Invited Opinion; In Revision).

Hosking JG, Kastman EK, Dorfman HM, Baskin-Sommers A, Kiehl KK, Newman JP, Buckholtz JW (2017). Disrupted Prefrontal Regulation of Striatal Subjective Value Signals in Psychopathy. Neuron. 95(1): 221-231.

Baskin-Sommers A, Stuppy-Sullivan A, Buckholtz JW (2016). Psychopathic Individuals Exhibit But Don’t Avoid Regret During Counterfactual Decision-Making. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113,50: 14438–14443.

Rodman AM, Kastman E, Dorfman HM, Baskin-Sommers A, Kiehl KK, Newman JP, Buckholtz JW (2016). Selective Mapping of Psychopathy and Externalizing to Dissociable Circuits for Inhibitory Self-Control. Clinical Psychological Science. 4: 559-571.

Buckholtz JW (2015). Social Norms, Self-Control, and the Value of Antisocial Behavior. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 3:122-129.

Buckholtz JW, Martin J, Treadway MT, Jan K, Jones OD, Zald DH, Marois R (2015). From Blame to Punishment: Disrupting Prefrontal Cortex Activity Reveals Norm Enforcement Mechanisms. Neuron. 87(6): 1369-1380

Buckholtz JW, Meyer-Lindenberg A (2012). Psychopathology and the Human Connectome: Toward Transdiagnostic Model of Risk for Mental Illness. Neuron. Jun 21;74(6):990-1004.

Buckholtz JW, Treadway MT, Cowan R, Benning SD, Li R, Ansari MS, Baldwin RM, Schwartzman AN, Shelby ES, Smith CE, Cole D, Kessler RM, Zald DH (2010). Mesolimbic Dopamine Reward System Hypersensitivity in Individuals with Psychopathic Traits. Nature Neuroscience. Apr;13(4):419-21